al berrios & co. CONSUMER STRATEGIES REPORT 01.06.04: Porting Your Number: Understanding the Porter

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[2] MEDIA: Porting Your Number: Understanding the Porter

"[Wireless Number Portability] will be a defining event in wireless, not because it will destroy industry profitability but because it will launch the next wave in determining the winners and also rans in a hyper-competitive industry. In short, it is a concentrated 'branding event'". - Cannon Carr and Gregor Dannacher, CIBC World Markets, from Equity Research titled "Looking Beyond WLNP, Level of Sub Growth in '04 Key to Stability", November 25, 2003

Good morning execs,

Hope your holidays were enjoyable and safe. Lots of interesting things in store for al berrios & co. and you.

We have officially launched our Micro-Study service, a 100-person survey designed to answer up to three questions within 48 hours and offer preliminary strategic recommendations. We are even streaming-media capable for product concepts. Doable for every budget, it's an introductory service to our consultation services.

During the next few days, we will publish studies conducted during the holidays on, then again here in two weeks.

In addition, I'm hiring one consultant. If you know a talented individual, with or without prior experience in consulting, I'd be more than happy to interview them. If you're curious, I've been hiring all month - take a fresh look at our growing team.

Enjoy your REPORT!

Porting Your Number: Understanding the Porter

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