Good morning execs,

al berrios & co.'s Consumer Strategies Report will take a two-week summer haitus and continue regular weekly publishing online and twice monthly emailing as of Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003.

I'd personally like to give myself more time to thoroughly research the complex consumer business challenges I advise on in this Report, in addition to figuring out how to more effectively utilize this channel to convince you to hire my firm. After all, first and foremost, I am an advisor.

On July 22nd, 2003, this publication will be celebrating its second-year anniversary by publishing articles I have spent the last 2 months researching, including the business of public relations, the book industry, and the sports consumer. I will also be publishing a formal editorial calendar online, to offer you better visibility and reasons to visit the website. It's a very big deal for me personally.

In addition, I will be announcing several events I have planned for which you must all "save the date", including academic panel discussions on "research and data", "pitching and closing", and "after the close", with senior executives moderated by yours truly. These executive panels will culminate in November with what I anticipate being our biggest academic event of the year, a forum panel on "How To Spend a Billion Dollars Reaching Consumers" with some pretty big spenders speaking. All events will be documented and detailed in this portal, along with our very first photos.

That's not all. In September, I will be presenting a study and paper on our "Premium Cable Viewer" articles and research at the Advertising Research Federation's Week of Workshops conference which will subsequently be published in detail in this portal for a limited time. This study will go a long way in profiling premium television, and help you determine whether or not it's a viable business model for you.

The Consumer Strategies Report does not generate any revenue from advertisers, sponsors, or subscriptions, which means its primary value is as a powerful reference portal for us and you. In order to keep it this way, my only request is to personally meet with you and your team to talk about opportunities or challenges facing your business that you need figuring out. Nothing has to come of it, however, when you hear what I have to say, you may want me aboard. Hopefully, you will continue to find our insight and commentary valuable enough to request a meeting to pick my brain.


Al Berrios
Managing Director, al berrios & co.
Manging Editor, al berrios & co.'s Consumer Strategies Report

Disclaimer: The recommendations, commentary and opinions published herein are based on public information sometimes referenced via hyperlinks. Any similarities or likeness to any ideas or commentary from any other sources not referenced is purely coincidental. al berrios & co. cannot control any results occurring from advice obtained from this publication nor any opinion(s) conveyed by any reader of this publication.

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