'A Rare and Exclusive [Conversation] with Henry Kravis, of the Private Equity Firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company'

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From left to right: Al Berrios, Managing Director, al berrios & co., Mr. Henry Kravis, Russell S. Winer, the William H. Joyce Professor of Marketing, Deputy Dean of the Stern School of Business, and Acting Director, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, and Dr. Jeffrey Robinson, Assistant Professor of Management

Text of closing remarks:

"Thank you, Jeffrey. As many of you can attest to, the cost of higher education in this country is lamentable when good, hardworking Americans of all colors cannot afford to educate the next generation. Imagine if for one week, one day or even one afternoon, anyone could take advantage of the tremendous resources captive within the U.S. higher-education infrastructure? Well, today, that's exactly what occurred: whether you're an NYU student, alum, or none of the above, you got to take advantage of an extraordinary learning experience without paying a cent. May this experience be passed forward to your own students.

I'd like to quickly thank Prof. Jeff Robinson, Loretta Poole, and Ms. Lesley Harrison from Mr. Kravis' office for their extraordinary support of this event. I'd also like to acknowledge the much-appreciated support of NYU-Stern-Berkeley and Dean Winer. And most importantly, to you students who make this all worthwhile, may you exploit what you have learned here today."

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