UBS 31ST Annual Media Week Conference, + + + +

I've visited the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central so many times for conferences this year, I've single-handedly put the bathroom attendant's kids through college from tips. This event, as usual for anything needing a space as big as the Grand Hyatt, was top notch. Although I regret not being able to stay for the entire 4-day event, I did manage to mingle briefly and catch some extremely-boring financials of some media firms. (Frankly, last week was just not the best week for me, so I am unable to offer you a fair review of this event, however, I can wholeheartedly recommend it for the sheer amount of information made available to attendees on their favorite and hated companies.)

The breakfast was a good continental. I missed lunch, but I'm sure it was same-old, same-old.

So, if I missed it, why am I giving it 4 pluses (+ + + +)? Four days surrounded by the guys who control big media budgets? Hmmmm.

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