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al berrios & company, inc. Announces Launch of Disperse Interactive™, a Web 2.0 Marketing Outsourcing (WMO) agency for Word-of-Mouth (WOM) platform development

New York, NY, March 31, 2008 - With every form of mass online advertising - buttons and banners, email, search - there has always been a word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing counterpart - newsgroups and forums, message boards and chatrooms; and at every phase, al berrios & co. has advised on and implemented WOM marketing programs for clients of all sizes utilizing these counterparts. By late 2007, online marketers were continuing their push towards WOM marketing, migrating to online videos, social network profiles, and blogging, but have, until now, been unable to coordinate, control, and scale their efforts. Thus, to continue to expertly guide marketers through these powerful new marketing channels, al berrios & co. is very pleased to announce the launch of Disperse Interactive™, a fully-staffed, Web 2.0 Marketing Outsourcing (WMO) agency for WOM platform development.

Disperse Interactive™ introduces 3 out-of-the-box innovations for the exclusive use of our clients. These include: HEX Targeting™, a new perspective for targeting consumers; Creative-as-Content Framework (CCF)™, a new speed for developing creative for online use; and iMarketing, a tried-and-tested approach for distributing a marketing message across the internet. Used together, Disperse Interactive™ can effectively help increase awareness, web traffic, or boost sales more efficiently than any other competitive offering.

Disperse Interactive™ has existed within al berrios & co. as a service of the firm's marketing advisory services since the firm's inception in 2000 and has worked closely with advertising agencies, public relations firms, event marketers, branding agencies, and client-side marketing executives on over a dozen client campaigns over the years within a broad array of industries, including media and entertainment, retail and consumer products, telecom/wireless, and beverages and restaurants.

"What has set Disperse [Interactive]™ apart from the rest over the last 7 years is its cutting edge services developed from proprietary firm research; its unique analytics client dashboard that allows clients to monitor and control their WOM marketing; and its hard-won strategic partnerships with clients," announced Al Berrios, founder and managing director of al berrios & co. "The success of what we've been able to do for clients speaks for itself; as a result, I'm confident in committing al berrios & co.'s resources to grow Disperse Interactive™ into an indispensable online marketing services brand for our clients."

Leading new business efforts are Chris Sabin, an expert experiential marketer and former senior marketing executive with WPP's Uniworld Group, Inc. and Viacom's TV Land/Nick@Nite; and Alan "Max" Metrick, a veteran senior counselor, formerly managing director of The PR Consulting Group, a New York-based public relations firm he co-founded with an extensive practice representing corporate and non-profit clients, and former communications director at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC); heading up team of content leads is multi-disciplinary creative director Alta Berri, a graduate of New York University's School of Education's fine arts program and the New School's new media studies program, with an eclectic background in architecture, publishing, fashion, curating, photography, graphic design, and fine art; with iMarketing operations managed by Katrina Cam, formerly a senior manager with 5 years experience with al berrios & co.

To add Disperse Interactive™ to your marketing effort, contact Chris Sabin at or call him at 201-303-7625; or Max Metrick at or call him at (917) 922-6728. Please visit for more information.

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About al berrios & co.
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About Disperse Interactive™
Disperse Interactive™ is a Web 2.0 Marketing Outsourcing (WMO) agency for Word-of-Mouth (WOM) platform development. That means that we manage and expand upon everything our clients are currently doing or want to do on web 2.0 to market their brands (i.e. developing social networking profiles, launching proprietary online video networks) by creating souped-up, controllable and trackable, online WOM platforms. For more information, visit:

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