al berrios & co. Consumer Strategies Report Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary
To Celebrate, Firm Publishes Highly-Acclaimed Newsletter With New Look and More In-Depth Proprietary Research; Launches New Look for; and Officially Announces Launch of Functional Services - Small Business Advisory, The Corporate Entrepreneur, and Education + Learning

New York, NY (July 20, 2004 - 9:00 a.m.) - al berrios & co. is proud to announce its third consecutive year of publishing the Consumer Strategies Report. Since July 2001, the firm has been publishing its ideas on all aspects of human nature and how it impacts businesses. With Tuesday's report, the firm releases its latest research on cable subscriber retention, magazine involvement, the effects of free newspapers, and an update on internet search in a new, all sent to our readers inboxes in a more user-friendly format. To subscribe, click here >>

"It is our goal to provoke change in how our readers manage their businesses. We hope to accomplish this by exploring the role of human nature on organizations," said Al Berrios, Managing Editor of the Consumers Strategies Report and Managing Director of al berrios & co., a management consulting firm here in New York. Read more >>

In addition, the firm has redesigned its website at to continue making its ideas and advice more accessible to visitors. To view how has evolved since its launch, please visit

And finally, al berrios & co. is doubly proud to officially announce the launch of three new functional services - Small Business Advisory, The Corporate Entrepreneur, and Education + Learning.

The firm designed its Small Business Advisory service for entrepreneurs and private entities that require professional advice, but at more accessible fees. Read more >>

The firm designed its Corporate Entrepreneur service for leaders in charge of new initiatives within a larger corporate structure, who's changes won't be impacting the entire business or corporate structure. Read more >>

The firm designed its Education + Learning service to inject our specialized knowledge and expertise directly into the culture of organizations. Read more >>

"It is our prerogative to exploit our skills and proprietary information in order to deliver the greatest benefits to our clients," said Mr. Berrios. "These services are meant to do just that."

For more information or site visits, please contact al berrios & co. at (917) 744 - 6579. All press releases are printer friendly.

al berrios & co. is the leading consumer strategy advisory firm - a hybrid behavioral economics and consumer behavior management consultancy - focused primarily on the demand-side of your business. We offer clear guidance on how consumer, employee, and shareholder behavior impacts the viability and value of media + comm, retail + services, and cpg business strategies & tactics.

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