IMARKETING REPORT 06.25.02: Design, Email, Trends, iTV
>> When did ignorance become a point of view? - Dilbert

Good afternoon execs,

Folks, do you know you don't have to
read this whole thing? I write it so you
can read what you need and get rid of
the rest. It has come to my attention
that you're all trying to read the whole
thing, and frankly, that's bananas. You're
too busy, your time too valuable, for you
to sit there like some school kid getting
ready for a test by glazing over this entire
email. How can you use this info, if you
don't absorb the insights? That's the whole
point of the CONTENTS, to make it
easier for you to select only what you
want to read, and that's that.

1. BRANDS&INSIGHTS: What Matters to Consumers Online
2. CONSUMERFOCUS: Email Marketing Still Can't Beat iMarketing
3. MEDIA&CONTENT: New Trends Online Conversation
4. MGMT&OPS: iTV, PVRs, VODs, QVC, and You

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1. BRANDS&INSIGHTS: What Matters to Consumers Online

Turns out it's color. According to a
recently published survey by an i-shop,
40.51% females and 34.38% of males
selected a site's color as most important
to their experience on a site. Makes
sense... ever been to a site that uses
black as a background? Or a power-
point presentation using dark backgrounds
while the lights are off? Sucks, right?
But here's something even more interesting
found in this survey: 35.01% females
and 37% males also consider the
presence/absence of pop-up windows
in their preference of a site.

BOTTOM LINE: We all know that
overwhelming consumers with too
many ads messes up an experience,
but we all still do it. Obviously, this
report isn't suggesting to stop trying
to make money, but rather to consider
these things when allocating ad inven-
tory, ad types, and use of color.


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2. CONSUMERFOCUS: Email Marketing Still Can't Beat iMarketing

So Miller and Yahoo get together on
an email campaign to promote Miller
Lite Virtual Racing League, supposedly
based on a very large "database of beer
drinkers who are also fans of stock
car racing." Guess who got the email?
That's right, me. Mind you that I don't
drink Miller. Hell, I don't drink beer!
Oh, and I'm not a stock car fan either.
So, I guess Yahoo sold them my info.
Which is fine by me, but since I never
enter my real info in any site I sign up
for, then how do you suppose they
targeted me?

BOTTOM LINE: Makes me wonder
what else Yahoo is selling their clients.
Yeah, you're right, my case isn't normal.
Most people typically put their real info
everywhere they sign up. However,
when I pitch iMarketing, some people
always question accountability and tar-
geting. Well, there are lots of people
mad at Yahoo for messing around with
their Privacy Policy not too long ago,
that I'm sure modified their info on all
sites so marketers could leave them
alone, so although this isn't an industry
altering issue, it's the start of a good
case on why iMarketing, using com-
munity tools like chat rooms, message
forums, blogs, search engines, and
homepages to talk with your consumers
is just as effective at targeting and
measuring than any other format you're
currently using to reach consumers online.
Haven't found a shop that can measure
this sort of stuff yet? Sure you have,
al berrios iMarketing. And I'll be more
than happy to personally review how
with you for free.


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3. MEDIA&CONTENT: New Trends Online Conversation

I love it when I hear "I'm an online
expert because I've been doing it
12 years", since that's my moment to
shine. First I'll tell them, "did you know
that there's a new way to measure
a search engine's popularity? Yup,
it's called 'search hours' ratings, and
it totals how long all your visitors spend
searching around on your site." Then,
when they tell me that they've been
doing that too, before anyone else,
except, they used a different name
and didn't know how to sell it right,
I'd say, "Wow, that's funny, because
this new At-Work Brand Network
coalition of top news sites trying to
help marketers reach consumers
during the day, and calling it day-
parting, didn't really sound that
innovative to me. After all, I've
been telling people that TV isn't
always the best way to reach a mass
audience and that just about all the
agencies (ABCi, IAB, etc) have
said over and over how the internet
is really great for branding." This
is usually when they start looking
confused, but still agree with me,
almost as though nothing I could
possibly say is new to them. But I
really want to make a point here, so
I'll mention, "have you seen the latest
technology in direct response online?
It's a Comedy Central campaign for
their new show 'Crank Yankers',
where visitors are encouraged to
crank call people using the web and
pre-recorded crank calls directly from
the show. Yup, works great, and
has tons of viral potential if done
right." Usually, these more obscure
facts they don't know about, and
decide to ignore me for being a
goody-two-shoes know-it-all. But
I've made my point.

BOTTOM LINE: You've been doing
it for years, but that doesn't mean
you know what you're doing. Following
other innovative campaigns and tech
doesn't mean you're cutting edge, it
just means you're a big filter for your
boss. Don't be scared to step on toes,
and do something unusual. Make your
job interesting and try new things.
Stop being so cynical about everything
and open your mind to the possibility
that just maybe, you're not an expert
online. Otherwise, you'd be rich. And
you're not if you have to show off to
everyone about your "vast experience".

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4. MGMT&OPS: iTV, PVRs, VODs, QVC, and You

Interactive TV got the limelight last week
as Gemstar-TV Guide got screwed in
and Wall Street. With access to
satellite, digital, and the internet, consumers
have too many choices. Many observers
speculate that the industry isn't going any-
where. Keep observing, observers. In
case you missed it, this little brand called
QVC has been shaping iTV for years.
Then came the internet. Then came
PVRs like TiVo. Now, the focus is
VOD and once companies crack that,
good-bye TV as we know it. With power-
ful media names like Liberty investing
in companies like Wink and ACTV,
News Corp angling in Europe, and AOL
TW trying to make a fuss about it's broad-
band offerings, why would anyone not be
thinking about iTV?

BOTTOM LINE: So how does all this
relate to the internet and marketing? iTV
is probably a pre-cursor to what the home
of the future will look like. One monitor
through which all work and all leisure will
get done. The internet is what will connect
this system to companies, other people
to you, and you to your life. So how do you
reach consumers in this future if all broad-
cast, internet, and print end up being one
medium? iMarketing - because no matter
how converged everything will get, there
will always be chat rooms, message boards,
search engines, and home pages that con-
sumers use to interact with each other in
like-minded communities. Ad formats
change, but the way people enjoy talking
to each other never will.

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