opportunities monday, july 23, 2001

hi, this is the first issue. congrats.

you will notice that it's a tad
longer than the one or two para-
graphs i said it was going to be.
what can i say, learn what you
want, ignore the rest.

thanks for reading. enjoy.

********* al berrios marketing *********

MARKETING: whatever you call it,
guerrilla, viral, buzz, or i marketing,
it works. right now on businessweek
is a special report on how incredibly
valuable this form of marketing is
for marketers, offline AND online.
no other form of marketing can
generate the same results: increased
brand awareness, brand preference,
and sales. the article mentions how
this form of marketing works, gives
real world examples, but most
importantly mentions that marketers
are still trying to figure out how
to make this form of marketing

bottom line: i already figured it out.

read more:

********* al berrios travel *********

TRAVEL: downturn be damned.
for weeks i've been reading how
people are traveling more, not less,
and they want the best experience they
can afford. as a result, "the once-
sedate world of exclusive hotels has
been reinvented." even USA Networks
realized this with their purchase
of 70% of Expedia.com to become
the largest interactive travel company.

bottom line: travelers don't travel
without doing research. they trust
brands because they expect certain
standards. this is an excellent
opportunity to introduce your brand
to folks with the money & desire to

read more:

********* al berrios media *********

MEDIA: if you don't already know,
everyone is consolidating. media
negotiators are no different. and
so, we got Magna Global, InterPublic
Group's $40 billing media negotiating
behemoth, and now, french ad company,
Publicis & Cordiant are getting
together w/their $10 billion contender.
ok, so this is all greek to you. In-
terPublic (IPG), Publicis, & Cordiant,
are huge global ad networks. they own
hundreds of small, medium and bigger
ad agencies. they control billions
of dollars of their client's money to
spend on things like tv, magazines,
internet. they create campaigns that
make us spend money on their client's
brands. so? well, for those of you
selling advertising, it means that it
just got harder to penetrate corporate
beaurocracy to get the most money
for your inventory. tough noogies.

bottom line: if you have inventory
you want to sell, it is important
to understand both media buying
and media selling. although you
are a pro and can handle everything,
sourcing a professional can yield
optimal results. thank goodness
you all know me.

read more:
the last 2 months of advertising
age and adweek.

********* al berrios iMarketing *********

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