opportunities, monday august 13th, 2001


in my efforts to increase the
value of your investment in
al berrios, besides this news-
letter, i will be attending
i believe most relevant to
your business & documenting
them here. this week, Ad Club
Cruise & Jupiter Media Metrix
Online Advertising Forum.

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********* al berrios adclub *********

AD CLUB: of NY hosted a
cruise around the hudson
to basically recruit new
members, however, it was
actually interesting. i
must have attended dozens
of these "networking"
shindigs, but this one
may actually result in
some business. more on
this on an per case basis,
but suffice it to say,
AdClub events, good,
NYNMA events, bad.

bottom line: i learned
that advertising agencies
hate every other agency
since clients are hard
to come by these days,
and everyone is currently
doing everything possible
to hold onto the clients
they currently have.
small businesses are sur-
prisingly successful,
even in this economy.
it seems that they're
all making money, b/c
they offer quality, in-
novation, & great customer
service at much better
prices than the big guys.

********* al berrios jmm *********

users are spending 19hrs
per month, & countinuing
to grow in population.

people have increasingly
replaced other media, tv,
radio, mags, w/the internet
by approx 6%.

typically, 40% users use
headlines from portals to
get their news, while only
10% go to news sites.

publishers are aggressively
using the net to push sub-
scriptions to their offline
pubs. specifically, they're
using house ads.

about 15%-30% users give
a mag/newspapger site 80%
of their traffic, and pre-
sent a good opportunity to
charge for access, the
higher the hhi, the more
they use the net for news
on newspaper site.

in order to charge users,
a site needs:
1. multimedia
2. searchable depth
3. most current info
4. exclusivity
5. interactivity
6. needs to target professionals

but you already knew all
this didn't you?

********* al berrios management *********

MANAGEMENT: if you're using
software you didn't pay for,
check this out:: the Business
Software Alliance wants you
to know that you need a li-
cense to use your software,
and if you don't have one
you will get fined lots &
lots of money, but, we have
to catch you! Yeah, that's
what i thought, how do they
honestly expect to single
out businesses using un-
registered software among
close to 14 million businesses
w/6-man teams. simple, dis-
gruntled ex-employees. turns
out that in this market,
where cutting costs usually
means terminating employees,
employees are fighting back
anyway they can, whether
corporate sabotage, making
outrageous claims about their
former brands online, or just
ratting them out to the

bottom line: make sure your
software is registered. if
not, make sure you treat
your employees nice. if not,
make sure you have a crack
team of crisis management
folks dedicated to stomping
out the flames or revenge
wherever they spring. brand-
ing works not just for your
consumers, but also for your
employees. at no other point
in history have there been
opportunities for your brand
to get pimp-smacked around by
any nut with an internet

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Crains NY Business, July 30th
nytimes.com on Aug 2nd

********* al berrios convergence *********

"The average MTV fan, say its
executives, like to watch
TV, answer instant messages,
surf the Web, talk on the phone
AND work on homework - all at
the same time." The article
goes on to say how MTV is re-
vamping their site w/instant
messaging and enhanced com-
munity features to make these
teens stay on longer, but pri-
marily to integrate site con-
tent w/content on their net-
works, MTV & MTV2. Of course
this is to attract more adver-
tisers, but leave it MTV, the
#1 teen hangout, to take a risk
& give teens what they've al-
ways wanted. "MTV's Webriot,
a game show that enlisted home
contestants to compete with TV
players for minimal prizes, is
history, but several shows on
MTV, MTV2 & VH1 encourage
viewers to participate via the
Net, and Toffler says more
interactive shows are in the
works." and this is why MTV
will rule the world right
next to AOL Time Warner.

bottom line: teens aren't
really that hard to under-
stand. they love high tech
& embrace it very fast.
they love free things &
abuse the crap out of it.
and they love socializing.
they chat about music,
movies, school, & sex.
and EVERY PARENT knows
this. so why is MTV the
only company out there
responding to this? and
what's w/all these studies
that ppl waste money on
just to find out some-
thing they can learn by
spending just 30 minutes
in any mall or highschool
in America? but advertiser
be warned, kids love to
be in control of their
experiences. you try &
be shady by promising
one thing & deliver
another, & they will not
just stop using your brand,
but also tell all their
friends not to use it
'cause you "suck".

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********* al berrios advertising *********

ADVERTISING: it's pretty
clear i'm not a big fan
of pop unders. when you're
trying to develop a brand,
this sort of online ad is
extremely interruptive,
potentially damaging the
brand. atleast, that's
what branding school
teaches you. but you gotta
admit, anything that can
be referred more than a
thousand times, has got
to be effective in this
day & age. i recently
read a counter argument
about these ad's effect-
iveness. it's obvious
that they've done traffic
miracles for x10.com
cameras, however, b/c
the ads are interruptive,
users don't really have
much of a choice but to
view the brand, & poten-
tially click on it or
click it off. it's already
been established that the
ads don't translate into
sales, however, they're
cheap, & x10.com has un-
deniably built a brand in
months, ranking just be-
low AOL & Amazon in re-
cognition. in case you
missed it, this is frig-
gin amazing.

bottom line: even when
you don't want to watch
a commercial on TV, you
still look at it quickly
enough to see a product
or brand. so, if any
other media is interrup-
tive of our experience,
and advertisers know
this & are still willing
to pay big bucks for it,
then why not the internet?

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the Real Story on Pop-Unders.

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