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the weather was cooler,
the skies were grayer,
and don't forget when
you're reading this
newsletter, it's to
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********* al berrios iMarketing *********

IMARKETING: companies like
AOL, MSFT, YHOO, are using
them. They're web bugs aka
web beacons aka clear gifs
aka spys! they're placed
in personal homepages to
track the movements of
their members & friends.
the info is analyzed and
sold to advertisers. AND
to top it off, these guys
don't have privacy proto-
cols for these things.

bottom line: i've always
believed that if you want
to find something out, or
need some sort of help for
a campaign, all you have
to do is ask. a tactic
that always works is to
simply ask a homepage
webmaster for information
or to put an ad on their
site for you. the point
of the internet is to
build community, so they're
surprisingly willing to
talk & help you out than
most people think. not
only that, their help
also helps search engines
find your site or link
faster since you'd be
recruiting the help of
several webmasters around
the internet which search
bots locate in their
search results.

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********* al berrios entertainment *********

heard that SONY has
used phony quotes in
their ads from "David
Manning" & you've heard
how the executives
most responsible for
that have been ter-
minated. my first
reaction was, so what?
it's not like i take
a critics reviews
seriously anyway.
well, it matters to
Oregon, who made SONY
sign a pledge to be
legit in its movie
ads or pay each
citizen of the state
$25,000. imagine if
all advertisers had
to pay us whenever
they lied...

bottom line: don't
lie to your consumers.
sometimes the most
obvious repercussion
is the least of your

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********* al berrios idea *********

PROBLEM: it's no secret
that nightlife in nyc
has deteriorated into
a facist-like regime,
making giulianni less
than popular w/the
other half of nyc. In
Europe, there are hold-
ing companies for pubs,
containing thousands of
pubs, clubs, concert
halls, lounges, etc.
they're so successful,
they're even traded in
public markets. the only
company that has come
somewhat close to re-
plicating this success-
ful model has been SFX
Entertainment. They
manage the entire live
entertainment experience,
from organizing concerts,
live events, & operas,
to promoting them, and
even owning the venues
they're in.

IDEA: with the right
financing, marketing
plan, and management,
there could very well
be a successful venue
holding organization
here in the US that
could definitely turn
around the nightlife,
concert, party, and
live event industry
upside down, but also
successfully deal w/
the highly restrictive
municipalities that
have put the industry
in the dreadful state
it's in today.

********* al berrios latinamerican *********

seem weird to have more
faith in television, but
that just happens to be
the case in recession hit
third world countries
in Latin America. 18K ppl
surveyed across 17 LatAm
countries said that they
had more faith in "the
Roman Catholic Church,
TV, & armed forces, in
that order, than they
faith in their own (demo-
cratic) governments."

bottom line: uh, um, duh!
make sure you include
TV in your media buy if
you want to market to
Latin American folks.
but seriously, this just
emphasizes a more important
point, that Latinos enjoy
a certain amount of relia-
bility, and become loyal
when something speaks to
them directly. don't for-
get, LatAm countries also
include puerto rico, do-
minican republic, cuba,
mex, etc, & those natives
also end up in the U.S.
which means, that it is
possible to also effect-
ively reach this audience
in the U.S. via TV. just
make sure to remember
that all Latinos aren't
alike. there are lots
of subcultures. And that
means that you have to
be careful w/your message.

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********* al berrios travel *********

TRAVEL: Orbitz.com reached
close to 3.8 million UVs in
June, behind Travelocity's
7.9m, and Expedia's 7.8m
they started marketing on
June 7. they spent $100m.
"According to Forrester Re-
search, 18.9 million house-
holds will make their travel
purchases on the Web this
year, netting $16.7 billion
in leisure travel revenues.
That'll buy a lot of peanuts,
but the question is: from whom?"

bottom line: Orbitz approach
was to distance itself from
typical dot com marketing &
highlighting benefits, rather
than trying to scream the
loudest. they used creative
based on 60's style creative,
when traveling industry was
booming. when users saw the
multi-media effort, they
went to the site to encounter
a very user friendly, fun,
useful site. on July 10th,
they reported 1 million
registered users, and over
$100 million in sales. nuff

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********* al berrios iMarketing *********



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