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January 2006
Company: Bank Blackwell
CEO: James Mundy
Bio: COO/CFO, OneUnited; JPMorganChase
Founded: Oct. 2003
Service: Banking
Innovation: "First-ever, African-American Direct Community Bank"
Seeking: $17 million in funding
Comments: According to Jim, his bank is the 2nd to ever get their charter without needing $100 million. I've grilled Jim thoroughly on his business model and can vouch that he'll get this thing launched.

Company: The Green Network, Inc.
CEO: Craig Bromberg
Bio: Editor at TimeWarner's Pathfinder, Disney Magazine's Booksfirst, Ziff-Davis's eShopper, Bertlesmann's
Founded: Summer 2005
Service: Publishing
"The Green is the first printed newspaper conceived, from birth, to reflect online opinion from bottom-up." Finance focused, it'll reach the "lost" young reader.
Unspecified angel funding and executives
Comments: Craig's a new daddy! Congrats! You've got to trust a man with twin sons and two masters degrees will work his butt off to make you money.

Company: Wheee, Inc.
CEO: Dov Fobar
Bio: HMS, Health Industry Resources (exec search firm), Touche Ross (predecessor to Deloitte), Laconia Nursing Home
Founded: Fall 2005
Service: Retailing
Innovation: Introducing scooters to a wider audience using a hybrid retailing format
Seeking: $3 million in funding and advisors
Comments: Dov is currently chair of a local scooter association and despite his youthful appearance, has over 30 years of senior management and consulting experience. He has single-handedly obtained a tremendous, exploitable market opportunity through the MTA. He can elaborate.

Company: New York Moves, Inc
CEO: Mamoonah Yaqub
Bio: Publisher for British youth magazine
Founded: Spring 2005
Product: Magazine (Montly)
Innovation: "Fashion and Lifestyle for the Career Woman"
Seeking: Unspecified funding
Comments: Mamoonah is well-known and loved among her readers, who she brings together regulalry for marketer-sponsored events. Diversity, attitude, and youthful readers are assets MYMoves has in spades!

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