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al berrios & co.'s approach to research is unlike anything you'd expect: we believe that in order to get the most realistic insight into your audience, we must find genuine consumers and allow them to say what's on their minds, in their preferred environment, without incentives.

Our approach - the interactive community behavioral analysis methodology (iResearch): We utilize the internet to acquire enormous quantities of real-time real answers, from open-ended surveys or interaction analysis.

And because we go to them in their preferred environment, we don't inconvenience your audience. In other words, we won't waste precious resources on "rewards" for participating in our surveys.

iResearch is a proven innovation on the research process; a hybrid methodology that effectively combines qualitative and quantitative, at a fraction of the cost of executing research using other methods.

Because our surveys are extremely brief, our methodology doesn't need to maintain costly lists, databases, or million-person panels of "opted-in", "enlisted", or "qualified" consumers. Instead, we recruit fresh groups of genuine consumers for each engagement. Thousands in days, if necessary.

Since our methodologies require a new approach to make sense of the data, we see new things, and give you a fresh perspective that no traditional research approach can offer.

Learn new things about your customers, competitors, concepts and save millions on your research.

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- Our Commitment to the Integrity of our Research

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- Product/Service + Market Development

- Study Design + Review
(we apply our methodology to find new answers hidden in your research and maximize your current R&D investments)

- Data Acquisition (qualitative, quantitative using our unique methodology)

- Looking for quick + dirty surveys? Try our Microstudy service

- Don't just get data, get answers with our Fast Answers Reports

- Research and Development Consulting

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