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"In a land where the bedrock of wealth is ownership, and specifically ownership of real estate, it would be unfathomable to argue against owning any real estate. It would seem counter-intuitive to further proclaim that paying an ever-increasing amount of money for real estate is further irrational." Read more.


The U.S. economy has changed.

Yesterday, it was a rational industrial manufacturing economy. Today, 70% of the nation's economy is service-based; the U.S. currency's value is pegged to creditors' faith in our ability to repay our debts instead of collateral like gold; and consumer sentiment is a leading indicator of economic growth.

As a result, the most valuable asset of the economy is human capital - not the traditional commodity assets like factories, warehouses, or inventory

Our economic behavior advises clients on the irrational constituents that comprise service economies. Contact us to understand how your business is impacted.

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