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In the first of a series of reports exploring whether the purpose of education is preparing workers for corporate environments, we explore whether or not corporate training and universities (in the restaurant industry) have an impact and the implication to the education students receive prior to working in a corporate environment. Read more.


Every educational process struggles to deliver the right combination of relevancy in learning and skills to every student. But because there's no simple way to measure the effectiveness of an entire educational process from the moment a student enters an educational system through the time they just stop learning, there's no way to correlate what the system delivered to whether or not the student got what they wanted out of the system.

In this complex context, al berrios & co. attempts to quantify educational levels and standards across your constituent population to understand the impact of their education on that population's productivity, progress, and direction.

This service does not attempt to validate any educational systems or standards, but works with clients to help them understand education as one of many influences in their constituents' overall behavior and how that behavior impacts our client's strategic goals. We focus on policy development and strategy, parent/administrator relationship frameworks, delinquency insights, and resource planning. Contact us to learn more about our Student Behavior service.

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