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Tenancy, apparently, is a respectable form of residency primarily in developed, Western economies, for it is here that excess land or space is possible to easily acquire and expected to be exploited for wealth. Tenancy, thus, comes with a sort of landowners- can- exploit- you- for- their- wealth second-class status, unless a tenant learns to exploit his status for his benefit. And herein lies the challenge to dealing with tenants.

Welcome to the world of tenant behavior, a seemingly irrational world for owners who cannot understand why tenants abuse their property, destroying, damaging, squatting, and even profiting illegally from it; but a rational world for tenants, who enjoy all of the benefits of residency, with few of the risks of ownership.

Our exclusive research into tenant behavior helps shed some light on some of the most frustrating and sensitive aspects of the tenant-owner relationship, the fine distinctions between homeownership and houseownership, and the myriad ways in which wealth can be extracted from real estate. Contact us today to advise your organization on tenant behavior.

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