al berrios & co. Celebrates 4th Anniversary
To Celebrate, Firm Announces 2nd Annual Leaders & Students Conference at NYU-Leonard Stern School of Business on Friday Nov. 5th, 2004

New York, NY (October 4, 2004 - 9:00 a.m.) - al berrios & co. is proud to announce its fourth consecutive year in business.

"We are tremendously pleased that our friends and partners have had the vision and passion to challenge us for the last 4 years and pledge to continue our pioneering, innovative consulting for them for many more years to come," said Al Berrios, Managing Director of al berrios & co.

In a show of gratitude, al berrios & co. is sponsoring a second annual conference dedicated to bringing senior executives together with students in a forum committed to facilitating a "giving back" by executives, and a powerful learning experience for students. Please visit our Events section for past events and check regularly for more details.

For more information or site visits, please contact al berrios & co. at (917) 744 - 6579. All press releases are printer friendly.

al berrios & co. is the leading consumer strategy advisory firm - a hybrid behavioral economics and consumer behavior management consultancy - focused primarily on the demand-side of your business. We offer clear guidance on how consumer, employee, and shareholder behavior impacts the viability and value of media + comm, retail + services, and cpg business strategies & tactics.

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