al berrios & co. CONSUMER STRATEGIES REPORT 01.20.04: New Studies, NRFs Big Show, and Teen Obesity

[1] UPDATES: New Studies; NRFs Big Show; Teen Obesity
[2] TRADE EVENT: The National Retail Federation's Big Show 2004 (+ + + + +)
[3] OPINION: Teen Obesity is Exaggerated; 67% of Teens 13-17 Choose To Work Out

"Companies generate profits from people, not products" - professor of Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University Don Schultz, Ph.D

Good morning execs,

If you haven't already checked, please visit for our redesigned homepage. A new section for our latest research has been added.

Among our latest micro-studies, we've done:
1) al berrios & co. Television Program Marketing Micro-Study Dec. 03
2) al berrios & co. Mens' Wear Consumer Micro-Study Dec. 03
3) al berrios & co. Sony vs. Samsung Consumer Preference Micro-Study Jan. 04
4) al berrios & co. The Fit Consumer Analysis Micro-Study Jan 04

Among our latest studies, we've done:
1) Wireless Service Provider Consumer Feedback Analysis Study Jan 04
2) The New York Metro Newspaper Consumer Study Jan 04

If you'd like to take a look at any of the micro-studies, they're available to you for free at The studies are available upon replying to this email.

(Editor's Note: Getting charts and graphs to upload properly was a nightmare. Please send feedback if you have any problems and we will try to address immediately.)

Today's report focuses on the National Retail Federation's Big Show last week. If you're in retail, talking to retailers, or just curious about retail, and didn't make it to the event, I suggest you read it. In addition, our views on the obesity issue.

Enjoy your REPORT!

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