Good afternoon execs,

Our apologies for this late report.

We've launched a press center for all our updates. Please check it for all future updates about al berrios & co. As a result, this section will no longer appear as "UPDATES", but "Press Releases" and archived at our online Press Center. (Past updates will be archived soon.)

Our first press announcement is a feature I appeared in for NV Magazine. Yes folks, my first magazine cover! I am also now officially making myself available to speak at your events. Reply to this email if you'd like me to explain to your attendees what consumers are thinking today and why.

We've launched and have been continuously modifying a research channel accessible via the homepage at alberrios.com. Much of our past and current research is featured here, in .html format, so they're visible via your browser (rather than a powerpoint or pdf download.)

We've also launched a syndication site, for any of you interested in syndicating this report to your organization.

We've launched a redesigned /why section to help you use our growing website. Among its new features is a fast answer link, which will direct your emails to al berrios & co. analysts or strategy consultants.

As part of this new section, we've launched a work @ al berrios & co. section. If you know any talented, entrepreneurial and "hungry" individuals who are looking for the same qualities from their employers, please refer them here.

We've redesigned our "Newsletters" section as a "public library" of sorts to increase its value to you.

We've launched a gallery of all the homepage concepts since January 2001.

And finally, we've launched a site map to make things easier to find, now that there's just too much content at alberrios.com.

Enjoy your Report!

[1] TRADE EVENT: Bear Stearns Advertising/Marketing Virtual Summit (+ + +)
[2] TRADE EVENT: 4th Latin Media, IT and Communications Conference (+ +)
[3] OPINION: Janet's Boob

Disclaimer: The recommendations, commentary and opinions published herein are based on public information sometimes referenced via hyperlinks. Any similarities or likeness to any ideas or commentary from any other sources not referenced is purely coincidental. al berrios & co. cannot control any results occurring from advice obtained from this publication nor any opinion(s) conveyed by any reader of this publication.

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