managing director's comments

"One thing that's very clear is that a long resume does not equal good judgment" - Senator John Edwards

It's been 4 years now since I decided to launch this firm. Today, our firm is thriving, having incorporated in New York and doubled our revenues over last year; restructured our service offerings; advised on decisions that have affected tens of millions of dollars in strategic spending; launched a new public relations and print campaign; and moved to bigger and better offices in New York's financial district. Our website has become a repository of several new and proprietary research studies to educate you on our management perspectives, and our highly-acclaimed executive newsletter, the Consumer Strategies Report, has expanded tremendously. We've even increased headcount by 43%.

Next year will prove to be equally as exciting as we formalize our Events platform with our reformatted main conference, Annual Leaders & Students Conference; continue to increase awareness for our firm; and enhance the caliber of work we deliver to our clients with new hirings and research. In addition, effective immediately, this newsletter will become a "Members Only" community of senior executives. Subscription will still be free, but controlled, by invitation only, and exclusive to other executives like yourselves. This new direction is based on a study we conducted over the summer on consumer sentiments towards magazines and we believe will enhance its value to you. Feedback will be appreciated.

Every year that we stay in business, (after the shock wears off), I've made it a custom to thank everyone who's been there with us through thick and thin, good and bad. (In business, the "good" means you haven't sued us). If you're reading this, consider yourself thanked! But specifically, we couldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for the vision, support and budgets of: Allan Rambam, Lauren McCue, Kendra Bracken, Tony Martinez, Lucinda + Fritz, Sitella Glenn, Joseph Solis, Michael Persaud, Terry Williams, Irwin Persaud, Jeremy & Mr. Russo, Simone Harris, Loiett Gore, Jordan Berman, Allan Bauer, The Thursday Morning Group, Theresa Evandelista, Aankit Patel, Katrina "Killah" Cam & Starr Urbano, Silver Lee, Maria Garo, Amy Thai, Andrea Soares, Tammy Quan, Peter Weedfald, Alta & Mom, and Clariza Enad. Thank you all.

Without exaggeration, I have the privilege of meeting over 1000 new faces per year. This has natural drawbacks (difficulty remembering names, remembering my keys, remembering to eat, etc), but the benefits include a wide network to tap for research, contacts, and really cool "hang-out" buddies, a new benefit for me that I've learned to treasure. This edition of the Consumer Strategies Report features 12 out of 16 reports that analyze conferences, lectures, or trade shows that I've personally attended in the last month, bringing my total to 115 since 2000. I tell you this simply so you can frame your own opinions about what you're about to read and re-introduce you to an invaluable resource for your future strategy engagements. Consider that when evaluating your next advisor.



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