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Al Berrios
Lead Analyst

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All writings published from this firm are considered "Reports". Shorter than what may be considered a "report" external of our firm, they're designed to be easier and quicker to read than what has traditionally been labeled "report" (originally consisting of 500 or less words, today, our Reports range between 900 to 10,000 words).

The purpose for this categorization is that no Report by itself represents the firm's entire view on a subject. Reports are therefore meant to be living documents, updated perpetually by more current writing (older Reports are frequently cited as "relevant", "footnotes", or directly in the content of other Reports).

When a Report cites data points, data can come from formal studies (usually anything reviewing over 50 responses or over 10 other sources of data gathered by our analysts); Microstudies (usually anything reviewing under 50 responses or 1-2 other sources of data); or analyses (anything else that doesn't involve input from polling, interviewing, etc).

The common terms "White Paper", "Research Notes", "Case Studies", "Position Paper", "Policy Paper", "Brief", or "Article" are not used internally and should not be used to describe any of our writings.

When applicable, all external data points are sourced and any information from news-gathering organizations is sourced. For information concerning infringements and takedowns, visit our Terms of Use.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are the property of al berrios & co.

Data comes primarily from our associates & analysts, highly trained by al berrios & co. to use our innovative methodologies to talk to consumers and report what they're thinking about the media they consume, religions they practice, politics they vote for, education they have, jobs they work, and marketing they're exposed to.

Additional data comes from client engagements , proprietary and authorized research, al berrios & co. Events, attended conferences & tradeshows, competitors, trade organizations, and news from over 3300 other publications per month, all accessible through this site.

Through this collection of knowledge, al berrios & co. increases its understanding of your industry to provide the best answers and freshest perspectives on human behavior to serve as a resource for you and your executives on managing your organization.

See our Our Commitment to the Integrity of our Research.

This site contains no external advertising, cookies, or "spam".

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