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"As marketers respond (or react) to changes in the consumer landscape and evolving media habits, they tack on additional roles in a quest to grow headcount rather than productivity.

"The more that's being spent on the greatest number of channels reaching the highest number of consumers is not the best gauge of marketing productivity...

"A marketing department [strategy] audit is the ideal opportunity to re-align your marketing... around corporate or business goals."

al berrios & co. will dig deep and painlessly examine your partner

relationships, media assets, messages, and most important, reassess those productivity benchmarks, all without disrupting ongoing critical programs or ripping out your guts and leaving you unprepared for opportunities.

And best of all, our audits are simple, quick, and will not significantly impact your budgets.

Contact us today for a risk-free, exploratory discussion about auditing your strategy.

Insights + Ideas from the Consumer Strategies Report   Measure Social Media + Events

- Auditing Your Marketing Department

- Responsible for a Million-Dollar Budget Today, Gone Tomorrow - Literally: Rotating Roles at Media & Marketing Firms

- Internet Advertising is Hot Again, But it Can Be Cooled

Contact us today to learn more about how you can measure everything on social media and finally get an honest ROI from your event marketing efforts.
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