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  Consumers need benchmarks, too. The challenge is that it is not always based on the cheapest price. Their value system is subjective and wildy unpredictable.

As a result, in many industries, executives neglect pricing, leaving it to front line managers who price without market insight or updated guidelines. Pricing then becomes reactionary and detrimental to your business strategy.

Getting the right price is the lifeblood of your business. Contact us to inquire how al berrios & co. can advise you on pricing strategy, including assessing consumer true-value systems, developing behavior-based pricing models, and pricing authority consolidation.
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"Not solely driven by supply and demand in an age of near-perfect information, convenience, and undetermined influences that shape the unmeasured intrinsic values we place on goods, an equilibrium price is much harder to arrive at between seller and buyer." Until now.
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