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Don't Get Locked Up in Texas: Practical Alternatives to the Death Penalty

So if we can't kill 'em, what then? Build more prisons? No, since that's feeding into the root cause of the problem. The alternative to the death penalty is to address the root cause. Read more.

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"Having the burden of being reprimanded under a new law falls upon a select few, who supposedly set the example for the rest and dissuade us from engaging in similarly criminal activities.

"Regrettably, that's not how human behavior works. 'Of the 272,111 persons released from prisons in 15 States in 1994, an estimated 67.5% were rearrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years, 46.9% were reconvicted, and 25.4% resentenced to prison for a new crime'".

Despite common motivations, criminal behavior takes different forms at different times. The guiltiest criminal in one jurisdiction may be the most innocent in another. And if the behavior is repeated, is it correctable institutionally?

Often, it's not even a crime while it's being committed, and there may be more repeat offenses than estimable. Or worse, you're the only victim, so no one else can understand the crime.

Understand tomorrow's criminal behavior today. Contact us to advise you on the impact of your organization's strategies, rules, standards, customs, or laws on your constituents' behavior.

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