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So You Like Little Kids?

"According to the FBI, the U.S. had 94,635 forcible rapes in 2004. This is astounding, considering that the average annual of attempted and completed forcible rapes between 1992 and 2000 was 45,807, according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice statistics. Yeah, it doubled. Why?"
(Wordcount: 925; Pages: 3) What exactly is a "sexual predator" and why is it so bad? Is it someone who likes to "hunt" for sex? Is it someone who likes to have sex against the wishes of the partner or prey? Is it someone who likes to have sex with children? Can a sexual predator be female? All through April and May of my local tabloid papers, there were numerous references to sexual predators getting caught, burning in hell, and all other "news"-like proclamations. There was even a Spanish-language newscast celebrating an earlier ABC Dateline special where the show's host confronted and captured "predators" after the show fooled them into thinking they were visiting teen girls to have sex with them. The internet, and in particular, the success of social networking sites, has awakened our society to our "darkest fears", that our children are being victimized by vile monsters pursuing their innocence. Well, anyone up for looking for some witches later?

I'm not going to pretend like you're not aware how much more our children know about sexuality than we did at their age, despite your best efforts to keep them in a bubble. I'm not going to pretend like you're not responsible enough to not put a computer, with internet access, a scanner, printer, and webcam in your child's room.

I'm not going to pretend like you're not sending your child to the best public and parochial schools, where they'd never interact with the children of less responsible parents such as you and where they'd never encounter sex, or worse, homosex, and other innocence-obliterating influences. And I'm certainly not going to pretend like you're not a globe-trotting traveler, exposed to cultures and beliefs very different from our own, where girls as young as 10 years old consider it their obligation to depend entirely on a husband (1).

If you're not a member of the International Woman's Health Coalition, I'm sure you're very aware that the term "sexual predator" is just a medieval term for something we think is wrong, but don't actually understand why. Another anti-religious way to live more religiously.

But of course you know all this, and you even hate to have sex.

In fact, you're so happy being in the same sexless relationship for 40 years that you can't imagine why anyone would even want to have it. Why anyone wouldn't marry at 20, have 2.5 kids, settle into the suburbs, attend church on Sundays, eat steak and potatoes every night, work for the same upright, ethical company for 20 years, retire happily to a 401(k), pension, and social security check, and while away their years fishing, enjoying television, and going on cruises. No, anyone who wouldn't want to live like this is definitely a social deviant, to be thrown to the wolves of a social system that dictates the rights, behaviors, and thinking of the individual as subservient to the society.

So because society claims, legally, that anyone under the age of 18, 17, or 16 can't possibly know what they're doing when it comes to sex, they must be innocent. (If only the IRS felt the same way). And anyone interested in having sex with them must be a predator.

Fascinating thing about the thought of having sex with a teen: most guys I ask this question to, regardless of age, confidentially admit to not having any moral qualms about having sex with girls 16-18, but anything younger is a no-no. In fact, I think it's only because of the law that it's such a big no-no, otherwise... (But who cares about US law; let's just travel to other countries where the rules are funner.)

So, what if it were my daughter who was sexually victimized by some uncontrolled barbarian? I'd have to ask how they met, who invited who, and why I'm solely blaming the predator instead of my own crappy parenting, or even my child's poor sense of right and wrong. By asking me what if it were my child, you're telling me every child is a potential victim and that's not true.

By criminalizing a natural human tendency, we increase the level of national misery brought on by punishment of this tendency. This, consequently, directly increases the statistical likelihood that there will be more sexual deviants in our society.

According to FBI stats, the U.S. had 94,635 forcible rapes in 2004 (2), 38,000 in NY and LA alone (3). This is astounding, considering that the average annual of attempted and completed forcible rapes between 1992 and 2000 was 45,807, according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice statistics (4). Yeah, it doubled. (Since the World Health Organization, The UN, and Human Rights Watch are all American-morals influenced organizations, it's difficult to accept their statistics on sex crimes, as few as there are. However, in this researcher's opinion, the figures are no where near as high as ours, not because it doesn't occur, but because what we consider rape socially isn't considered rape globally.)

Were you ever a teen? Do you remember, before your own dysfunctional framework for relationships made you forget how to have them, do you remember what reciprocated desire felt like? More significantly, do other countries suffer as high a pedophile rate as the US? No. Are we better off than other countries pretending that our teens are innocence-incarnate? Probably not. Do Christians or Muslims have more pedophilia? Democracies or Communists? Politics cannot govern feelings or natural human behavior. So, why is it wrong to like little kids? And can someone please tell me what a sexual predator is, exactly?


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Al Berrios is Managing Director of al berrios & co., an innovative strategy consulting firm advising leaders on the impact of human behavior on their strategies and on how to change their organizations to address the behavior. Write to Consumer Strategies Report at editor @ alberrios.com.


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