- Food, Drug, Bev, Beauty
- Consumers + Flavor
- Automotive
- Consumer Goods
- Restaurants
- Apparel
- Energy
- Finance
- Media
- Retail

Food, Drug, Beverage, Beauty
- A New Tobacco Industry: Sweeping Recommendations
- We're Regular Joes, Not Pharmacists
- Corporate Policy Dictates, But Do Consumers Listen?
- New Marketing" For Beverage Marketers
- Revisiting Recycling for Beverage Companies
- Water, the Biggest Con on Earth
- The Color of Your Soda
- Predicting Consumer Preferences in Taste
- Bad Marketing Slows Beverage Industry, Focus On Consumer Will Help
- Beverage Digest Wall Street Smarts: Analysis of Pepsi's Marketing
- The Business of Smell


- Study: Media Habits of Cosmetics Users
- al berrios & co. Analysis of Fashion Trends
- Analysis of Non-Athletic Footwear Segment Consumer
- Sneaker Companies Are Missing a Major Opportunity
- Looks and Functionality Matter in Mens' Wear
- The National Retail Federation's Big Show 2004
- Innovation is Dying in Fashion


- "Busta Increases Courvoisier sales 4.5%"
- Measuring Consumer Price Perception in Automotive
- Newspapers Without News or Paper?"
- Consumers: Your Most Important Business Partner
- Is Safety Valuable?
- al berrios & co. Updates, Corvette Consumer Study
- Analysis of Public Mass Transit in Urban Areas
- Re-Evaluating Your Entry Level HR Strategies: Unions & EEOC
- Trends in Spot TV & Automotive: TVB Annual Marketing Conference
- An Overview of Chrysler and Their Dealerships


Consumer Goods
- The Business of Batteries
- "kbtoys bought assets of bankrupt etoys & you know what they did...?"
- Analysis of Toy Industry's Survival
- Porting Your Number: Understanding the Porter
- 83% Prefer Sony and Only 6.8% Prefer Samsung
- The National Retail Federation's Big Show 2004
- Who Plays With Toys, Anyway?
- Outsourcing and The Dell Machine: Chew Up the Little Guy & Spit Him Out
- And Now, Consumer Reaction to Price Changes Is Predictable


- Upselling to the Masses - Understanding Lifetime Value
- al berrios & co. August 2004 Study on Consumers’ Thoughts on Dining Out
- What a Successful Casual Dining Restaurant Looks Like
- Cooking Less
- The Problem with Corporate University Training Programs in Restaurant Industry
- Bear Stearns Tenth Annual Retail, Restaurants & Apparel Conference
- Why 'Fries' With That?


Finance (including Banking, Payments, Insurance)
- Consequences of The Patriot Act Title 3: The Death of the Relationship Banker
- An Analysis of The United States Small Business Administration
- After 100 Years, a Behavioral Economic Chink in Insurance's Armor
- Upselling to the Masses - Understanding Lifetime Value
- What It Feels Like to Get Treated Like a Number (By Banks)
Merchant, Have You Sued Your Credit Card Processor Lately
- Outsourcing and The Dell Machine: Chew Up the Little Guy & Spit Him Out
- No Answers to Employers' Healthcare Challenges Apparent
- Customer Service Sucks!


Consumers Enjoy Flavor
- "Corporate Policy Dictates, But Do Consumers Listen?"
- "A New Tobacco Industry: Sweeping Recommendations"
- "Water, The Biggest Con On Earth"
- "The Color of Your Soda"
- "The Beverage Forum 2003 - Predicting Consumer Preferences in Taste"


- Choices? What Choices? Reviewing The Energy Deregulation "Mess"


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