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What if religion was more than just the structure of worshipping an all-powerful, unseen entity? What if it were only that, but that all-powerful, unseen entity were human. In this report, we present an alternative view of religion.


If you believe that belief in religion has little-to-no impact on the economic decisions your consumers, employees, politicians, competitors, shareholders, and family make, then you're disregarding one of the most powerful forces that shape the outcomes of your operational strategies.

The sensitivity of commercializing research about religion to sell adherents more stuff, notwithstanding, its impact on your constituents' behavior has finally made it into the mainstraim, as politicians exploit it to win more votes, artists depend on it to increase their popularity, and bankers create products that meet religious acceptability.

Our firm offers organizations unique policy and strategy ideas on the role of religion as a behavioral determinant, being careful to avoid the questions of veracity and interpretations.

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