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As explained, the typical community member is generally interested in one thing - meeting someone new to interact with. Although the purpose of that meeting varies from dating, solicitation for sex, venting, promoting, or discussing mutually concerning issues, the fundamental reason people join online communities is to interact.

As a result, it is extremely easy to get or pass along any information without the added cost of incentives. And due to our 90%+ success rate at eliciting information from hundreds of thousands of consumers without incentives, the logic of incentivizing a consumer to offer feedback they'd gladly offer for free is highly suspect and cost-ineffecient.

By using our framework to understand how consumers perceive the value of socializing and interacting with each other, iResearch is able to gather information on just about any topic relevant to consumers, from the celebrities they love the most to the programming they watch the most, without costly incentives.

As a result, iResearch has effectively eliminated approximately 95% of the cost of conducting surveys for any size group of consumers.


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<< The Online Environment

<< Demonstratable Interest

<< Getting Around The Three-Question Limit

>> Eliciting A Dialogue Without Tangible Incentives
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