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al berrios & co. developes proprietary tools exclusively for use on our clients' engagements including. Here are some of our most innovative:

The Business Model Anthology Analysis™ An innovative perspective to quickly determine the form commerce has taken to facilitate a transaction to quickly identify what the client is not doing or doing wrong. 
The Consumer Risk™ Model Our Consumer Risk methodology advises organizations on their optimal course of action based on the changing consumer behaviors exhibited in service economies, or their “consumerism curve”. 
Innovation Ratings A rating of how innovative business models are over time. (Based on work done with Model Anthology Analyses.)
Levels Lens Analysis™ A fresh way of segmenting entrepreneurs and innovative ideas based on staged progressions of progress.
True Yield per Event™ An analysis for determining the value of investing in experiential marketing activities.
Working Theory of Content™ A proposed new understanding of media consumption for developing strategic options for media convergence.
Intrinsic Value Pricing Behavior-based pricing competency modeling.
Workforce Decomposition™ Utilization and behavior-based workforce modeling.
iResearch The interactive community behavioral analysis methodology, or iResearch for short, is a cost-effective utilization of the internet to acquire enormous quantities of "real-time real answers", from open-ended surveys or interaction analysis.
Electoral Predictor Model™ A proposed new analysis for predicting potential electoral victories.
Human Experience (HEX) Project A proposed new model for complex decision analysis.
Human Experience (HEX) Targeting™ A proposed new model for segmenting consumers for marketing and communications efforts. (Based on work done with HEX Project, iResearch, and Working Theory of Content).


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