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al berrios & company, inc. Celebrates 7th Year in Business!

New York, NY, October 30, 2007 - Another great year! al berrios & company, inc is proud to make the following announcements:

In 2007, our firm

1) Conducted its first annual entrepreneur survey, an exclusive, thought-provoking fresh look inside the entrepreneurial mind and spirit;

2) Inaugurated al berrios & co. Publishing with the release of "Innovative Ideas and Fresh Perspectives for the Hard-to-Impress Chief Marketing Officer", a marketing strategy handbook;

3) Launched the revolutionary, the most high-quality, free professional business advice for entrepreneurs;

4) Launched its new event series Jaded Marketer's Forum and Hardened Entrepreneur's Forum;

5) Revamped its innovative capital-matching service, Dealflow;

Oh, and

6) Switched to Macs, after which we couldn't comprehend the irrationality of not having switched sooner.

"2007 was an extraordinary year of development for the firm," comments Mr. Al Berrios, managing director. "And we will continue to distinguish ourselves as a viable, premiere strategy consulting brand for clients who demand a fresh perspective on managing their businesses."

"Every great idea has its supporters," says Mr. Berrios. "And every year, I take this opportunity to recognize our supporters and thank them profusely. So, here goes: Thanks to my indestructable and stubborn mom Mercedes and my razor-tongued and more-stubborn sister Altagracia, the Soares Family (Mae, Pae, Vo-Vo, and Dan), S. Moya, N. Bonifer, V. Schnoor, S. Mazur, M. Pisarkiewicz, Maria Clariza Carr Enad and Mrs. Enad, Francisco and Janine Acosta, RanDom, Drumgo, Mz Judy + Chris, Ern Borja, Cathleya, I. Agramonte, the future Van Kradenburghs, Jessica Garcia, Ira Krause, Katrina Cam and Aankit Patel, Marie-Eleana First, Tami + Aiden and the Cuisines crew, Rebecca and Rich, C. Sabin, Jena La Flamme, Anatoliy Shalamov and Len, Jorge Cano-Moreno, Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, P. Weedfald, J. Rudenstein, Tai Odunsi, Alberto and Aina Francis, Sarah Currie and Jon, E. Hansen, R. Geduldig and the Men of MKP, Isaac Simon and TMG Alums Rich, Rich, and Stan , Jim Cowen and the Accurate Crew, the Bevmax ladies, Esti, Brenda, and Margaret, and last, but never least, the woman 'formerly known as' Andrea P. Soares, whose knee-weakening smile and comforting hug saves my life everyday."

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