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Basic Criteria for Listing in Dealflow™ for Entrepreneurs

1) Must have a business plan summary
2) Must have financial information, including tax return (most current), income statement, balance sheet, and per unit breakdowns
3) Venture can be at any stage
4) Venture can be any age

Screening Process for Entrepreneurs

Our screening process is simple, but not every venture gets listed. (Approximately 1 out of every 10 ventures in all categories will be listed). As part of a standard screening process, entrepreneur must meet with an al berrios & co. consultant with information indicated in "Basic Criteria". There is no charge for screening.


Once screened and selected, your venture will be twice featured individually a week apart and on a directory in order of your venture number. Your screener will then reach out directly by phone or email to qualified funders to remind them about your featured listing.

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Qualified Funders

Dealflow™ is an emailed newsletter. There is no cost to receive it. The following constitute qualified funders:
- Angels
- Venture Capitalists
- Investment Bankers
- Lenders
- Mortgage Brokers
- Insurance Brokers
- Accounts Receivables Lenders
- Financial Managers
- Private equity
- Hedge funds
- Lawyers
- Accountants
- Consultants
- Equipment financiers
- Government programs / NGOs

All qualified funders must have:

1) Website with contact information, including email
2) Immediate and verifiable access to funding (any amount)

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Where ideas and capital flow freely.

At no other point in history has a "market" been as liquid as today. Cash, it seems, is so easy to get, that you can be forgiven for assuming that a qualification is merely the ability to fog a mirror.

If only someone told that to entrepreneurs.

Dealflow™ is a service that aims to "match" * entrepreneurial ventures with funding and other resources, including senior executives, board members, and advisors. This is not a brokering or "finding" service †.

The service is designed as a periodic listing of entrepreneurial ventures generally requiring under $1 million in funding, with an implied endorsement by the firm, and sent electronically to the firm's network of resources. See archived samples below.

al berrios & co. serves as facilitator to matched parties.

Review our Privacy policy.

* Note that a "successful" match is not immediate, taking an average of 18-24 months. Results are NOT guaranteed. al berrios & co. is not an investment manager and information contained in any Dealflow-branded distribution should not be regarded as investment advice or investment recommendations. Risks are inherent in all investments, particularly in entrepreneurial ventures, and investors acknowledge that they act on Dealflow-branded information at their own risk. Further questions should be directed to your al berrios & co. representative.

Ethical Conduct Statement: al berrios & co. (the firm) DOES NOT have exclusive agreements with entrepreneurial ventures listed, nor individual investors. The firm seeks to do business with entrepreneurial venture and/or investors before and/or after a successful transaction. The firm retains the right to disclose or not disclose any existing relationships with an entrepreneurial venture or investor.


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- March 2006
- March 2007
- June 2008

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