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All Active Listings (by Venture # and Industry):
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Venture #: 0010, Wellness/Fitness
Venture #: 0011, Skincare
Venture #: 0012, Film Production
Venture #: 0013, Hispanic media
Venture #: 0019, Confectionary
Venture #: 0020, Toys/Gaming
Venture #: 0021, Mix Retail/Restaurant
Venture #: 0024, Health/Wellness
Venture #: 0025, Consumer Products
Venture #: 0026, Sports/Entertainment
Venture #: 0027, Health/Wellness
Venture #: 0028, Marketing Technology
Venture #: 0029, Music/Social Networking
Venture #: 0030, Fashion apparel
Venture #: 0031, Hispanic media
Anonymous Listings
Venture #: 0010
Industry: Wellness/Fitness
CEO Bio: Architect; founded firm
Founded: March 2001
Service: Wellness services for professionals
Innovation: Facilities and service delivery
Seeking: $7.6 million first stage
Comments: Screener spent 90 minutes with team and found level of detail of their business plan and their familiarity with details very reassuring. This venture has been reworking their concept persistently for the last 5 years to make it viable and profitable. Financials look unbelievable, but realistic.

Venture #: 0011
Industry: Skincare
CEO Bio: Design (Architecture B.A.)/Business (M.B.A.). 9 years combined Manufacturing, Retail, and Management Consulting experience
Founded: 2004
Product: High-End Skincare Line
Innovation: Combination of Southeastern-Asian botanicals and skincare treatments with modern science
Seeking: $1 million; large retail partners
Comments: Screener spent 70 minutes with CEO sampling product and reviewing extensive publicity received. Screener even met publicist responsible (coincidentally at a conference) and she's worth whatever they're paying her! Team consists of 4 very international go-getters with passion, opportunity, strong academic credentials, and relevant industry experience. Their exceptional collaboration has earned them national distribution at over 30 well-known, high-end retailers.

Venture #: 0012
Industry: Film Production
CEO Bio: Producer, writer, director, actor
Founded: 2005 (venture is a Single Purpose Production Entity)
Product: Full-length feature film
Innovation: Extremely low-cost, high-quality production, with big name stars
Seeking: $975,000 in increments of $25,000 units
Comments: Screener spent 40 minutes with Founder/CEO, sampling product and passion. And financials, too (which, although extremely optimistic, are based on founder's previous success with this model). Creative, logistics, financing have all been meticulously and seamlessly arranged, requiring nothing more than your signature on the dotted line. Like any film product, there's high risk, high reward, but never forget, "content is king". To paraphrase the founder: "Who wouldn't like to walk on a red carpet, welcomed by glitterati, and proclaim that they're the investor who made this major feature film premiere possible?"
Venture #: 0013
Industry: Hispanic Media
CEO Bio: Executive Search
Founded: 2001; first issue published 2002
Product: Print Magazine
Innovation: Targeting niche consumer in growth segment
Seeking: $600,000 to launch in print
Comments: Screener spent 6 hours with Editor/Publisher and can attest to the quality of her publication's editorial perspective. Financials are reasonable but will require additional executives to achieve. There are certainly huge risks, including a larger competitor or new, better-financed alternative launching a similar venture. Nevertheless, this brand has been online on a shoestring, has garnered an audience, and is prepared to launch in print in Oct 06.
Venture #: 0019
Industry: Confectionary
CEO Bio: Innovator for Yahoo!, Microsoft, the World Bank with social conscious streak.
Founded: Winter 2005, New York.
Product: Premium chocolate-based candies
Innovation Rating *: ii - Ingredients and mission.
Seeking: $1.5 million of 2nd-round financing to scale business. All types of financing welcome.
Comments: The screener can't believe it's been just over 20 months since he first met one of the most energetic founders he's ever met, business plan in hand, Harvard MBA in back-pocket. What, he wondered, could he possibly help this rockstar with? Shortly thereafter, Dealflow was trialed to much success and, as your screener sits here writing his endorsement - nibbling on this entrepreneur's beautifully packaged and tasty product, which he purchased off the impulse-buy shelf at one of the 300-or-so high-end retailers they're distributed in nationwide - he can't help feeling like he's a little bit more a part of the dynamic team she's single-handedly put together to get her dream launched.
Industry Insights: Consumers Enjoy Flavor
Venture #: 0020
Industry: Toys/Gaming
CEO Bio: Inventor/Psychotherapist/Social Worker/Producer/Writer
Founded: Summer 2006, New York.
Product: Board game
Innovation Rating *: i - Not electronic, yet highly involving.
Seeking: $250,000 bridge financing for production.
Comments: Screener spent over 90 minutes with founder - a practicing psychotherapist in NYC with a masters in creative writing - in what started out as an awkward referral, but blossomed into a stellar review of the concept, which can only be summarized as an assured success. Extremely family friendly, concept was invented as a solution to relationships with poor communication. The prototype versions have literally saved marriages and brought families closer. Playstation can't make the same claim.
Industry Insights: Consumer Goods (Toys)
Venture #: 0021
Industry: Mix Retail/Restaurant
CEO Bio: Venture is co-owned by holding company and 2 original founders of concept. Screener interviewed partner in holding company. This partner has run his own successful printing company/marketing agency for over 10 years, and franchised several restaurant concepts during the last 5.
Founded: ~Spring 2004, New Jersey.
Service: Unique, beverage experience, integrating salon-like services, with focus on healthy lifestyle segment.
Innovation Rating *: ii - Exploiting "experience-as-service" concept around red-hot healthy-lifestyle trend.
Seeking: $400,000 in private equity to scale; franchisees.
Comments: Despite screener's long-standing philanthropic relationship with holding-company partner, screener didn't hesitate to test partner's mastery over the business, industry, and goals, which partner passed with flying colors. Combining unrelated businesses in a single location is not a new concept, but the type of businesses this venture is combining to position itself as a healthy-lifestyle brand is. Company seeks to franchise nationwide.
Industry Insights: Retail/Restaurants
Venture #: 0025
Industry: Consumer Products
CEO Bio: Inventor/Diver
Founded: 2005, Florida.
Product: The lightest and most diver-friendly scuba propulsion device available.
Innovation Rating *: ii - Light, modular, convenient, fast, long-lasting, and affordable.
Seeking: $700,000 equity investment for manufacturing.
Comments: Screener was introduced to venture last winter and after a thorough review of their business plan, fell in love with the product (despite never having dived a day in his life). The concept was very James Bond; cool and stylish. And that's just from the photos. Venture has extensively tested prototypes with local law enforcement and, with your investment, plans to launch homeland security market first, consumer second.
Industry Insights: Consumer Products
Venture #: 0026
Industry: Sports/Entertainment
CEO Bio: Promoter
Category *: visionary
Founded: 2003, Virginia.
Product: New sports league.
Innovation Rating **: i - Fills current void in market.
Level ***: 6
Seeking: $1,000,000 investment/loan (1st round)
Use of Funds: To secure rep (one of the largest independent ad agencies in the U.S.) for distribution and sponsorships.
Comments: Screener believes fundamentals are sound and concept unprecedented.
Industry Insights: n/a
Venture #: 0027
Industry: Health/Wellness (including Nutrition)
CEO Bio: World-gallivanting authority on healing and nutrition. Top ranking graduate of certification school here in U.S.
Category *: visionary
Founded: Summer 2005, New York.
Service: Wellness Lifestyle Center/Institute
Innovation Rating **: i - Business model is attempting to define and own market. Positioned to scale nationaly.
Level ***: 6
Seeking: $1 million in 2nd-round of private equity or angel financing.
Use of Funds: Scaling and growth
Comments: Irish-born, the founder has traveled to... well, where hasn't she traveled to in her exploration of health and healing? Published, affirmative, yet humble, the founder has proven to be extremely adept at educating skeptics, including screener. Screener spent over 45 hours reviewing and advising on business model with CEO, who previously successfully secured 1st-round and bridge angel financing for a new facility, staff, and marketing.
Industry Insights: Fitness
Venture #: 0028
Industry: Marketing technology
CEO Bio: 30 years in national imaging industry.
Category *: manager
Founded: Winter 2006, New York.
Service: Web-based, print ad order insertions.
Innovation Rating **: i - There has been a lot of innovation in the business of making the advertising production process a lot easier by removing some of the steps. These guys have an answer for print.
Level ***: 4
Seeking: $1,500,000 1st-round for equity (negotiable).
Use of Funds: Development and sales
Comments: Screener has not formally met management.
Industry Insights: Managing Marketing
Venture #: 0029
Industry: Music/social networking
CEO Bio: former music industry attorney, former cofounder of dot-com sold in $40 million deal.
Category *: visionary/manager
Founded: Summer 2007, New York.
Service: Virtual music clubs where visitors can view live concert webcasts, download digital file, and network with other fans for a fee.
Innovation Rating **: i - Capitalizing on trends in the music industry and online social networking.
Level ***: 4
Seeking: $2,000,000 1st round for equity (negotiable)
Use of Funds: phase 2 development of technology and securing relationships with venues.
Comments: Screener has not formally met management.
Industry Insights: Media (content)
Venture #: 0030
Industry: Fashion apparel
CEO Bio: Co-founders: designers, full-time moms; management: former marketing exec, pro-golfer.
Category *: manager
Founded: January 2007, New York.
Product: headwear for women.
Innovation Rating **: i - Addresses previously unaddressed void in market
Level ***: 5
Seeking: $750,000 for for 25% equity.
Use of Funds: Licensing, capital expenditures and working capital
Comments: Screener has not formally met management.
Industry Insights: Apparel
Venture #: 0031
Industry: Hispanic media
CEO Bio: After stint as army grunt, launched original publication in 1994.
Category *: lifestyle
Founded: 1994, New York.
Product: largest media company targeting English-speaking US-based Latino population
Innovation Rating **: n/a
Level ***: 7
Seeking: $750,000 equity investment (negotiable)
Use of Funds: growing content and advertiser opportunities both online and off.
Comments: Screener has known publisher since 2001. During this time, screener has monitored company through highs and lows. After some restructuring, refinancing, and partner buy-outs, company is poised as platform company to consolidate media niche and own space with advertisers.
Industry Insights: Media (content)

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