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Featured Research from al berrios & co. Research

- al berrios & co. August 2004 Study on Consumers’ Thoughts on Dining Out

+ What a Successful Casual Dining Restaurant Looks Like

+ Cooking Less

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Insights + Ideas from the Consumer Strategies Report

- Eating Like Civilized People: What May Be in Store for the Home Improvement Industry

- Shopping (Online) But Nothing To Buy

- Retailers Are Treated Like Idiots Because They Act Like It: The National Retail Federation's Big Show

- And Now, Consumer Reaction to Price Changes Is Predictable

- The Problem with Corporate University Training Programs in Restaurant Industry

- Analysis of Non-Athletic Footwear Segment Consumer

Advisory Services

Our Retail + Restaurants Industries Practice brings together the most current thought-leadership from our behavioral research centers to advise senior executives on CRM, pricing, better selling, marketing, HR strategy, franchising + emerging sales channel strategies, shopper needs patterns, shrink/LP, whether it matters to go green, doing good in your community, family trends, and economic patterns.

Retailing + food service have changed. Engage an advisor that knows how and why.

Examples of Our Work

- Getting Teens to Love Your Wireless Brand

- Better ROI Benchmarks for a Beverage Firm's Media and Marketing Efforts

- Gauging Consumer Price Elasticity for a CPG Firm

Featured al berrios & co. Events

- Samsung's Peter Weedfald

- Victoria's Secret

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