Fixing HR: An Economic Analysis of 30 Thought Leaders' Best Practices + Detailed Blueprint for the New Economy

Dear Executive,

What you're about to view is a crystal ball which may very well influence the dialogue on organizational structures for years to come. It is without exaggeration, and with great pleasure, that I present to you our firm's groundbreaking study on organization, a work five years in the making.

The idea to review other studies originated from an epiphany: everything that could be said about HR has already been said (and with some exceptions, to mostly negative reception). But, what is everyone saying? And had anyone actually said anything new or of value? When I presented some ideas from this report at two recent HR events, it was dramatically apparent that this topic had struck an impregnable (emotional) brick wall and offered an intellectually tempting opportunity to present an equally dramatic proposal for shaking things up that didn't simply build on top of existing problems.

So what did we find? The most startling thing was that the HR function "kinda-sorta" grew organically, but never actually grew up. HR sprouted from senior management's need to delegate menial administrative tasks and has since suffered from a chronic lack of attention (or interest), and consequently, innovation. If the Executive Summary whetted your appetite, keep reading and I guarantee you'll learn something new.

We took tremendous care in avoiding any client name-dropping or showing any particular thought leader preferential treatment, and selected (and even improved upon) the most practical ideas of the last 5 years. You can rest assured that despite the enormity of transforming your entire HR structure, nearly every idea is actionable, tried, and tested. In fact, al berrios & co. is a viable commercial example of the organizational structures proposed herein.

I hope you find this read timely and enjoyable, but more importantly, applicable to your organization. My team and I are here to offer you continued guidance in this area.

"Resourcefully" yours,

Al Berrios
Managing Director
al berrios & co.

Executive Summary: The work of an HR executive seems to never be done. This report, analyzing 5 years of findings and advice of 30 thought leaders in the area, suggests that perhaps HR has too many responsibilities and has lost its ability to be an effective resource to the organization. This report presents a detailed blueprint for identifying and redistributing the value drivers in HR with long-term effects nothing short of revolutionary: the transformation of Human Resources into a profit center instead of cost center.

Framed with demographic and historic social trends, this report further refutes the emergence of "The War for Talent" and offers innovative ideas on shaping the talent management model and value-chain framework accordingly, (including a fresh perspective on why organizations experience innovation bottlenecks.)

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