Good morning execs,

The last two weeks have been busier than usual, with 4 trade events, and 3 other al berrios & co. event, including our keynote address by SVP of Marketing for Samsung Electronics.

As part of my Report on our big keynote, I've written an Executive Life article describing the process I went through to set it up. I hope you find it as enjoyable as you did the article about writing a book, "Writing A Book".

I've also appeared in my very first interview. RFL Communications, a publisher of business information for research professionals interviewed me for their "Research Department Report" on my research methodology, which I've discussed extensively in my Report, "Comparing the HBO and Showtime Consumers Using the al berrios & co. Research Approach". Since I write so much, it's a little weird reading how someone else perceives my business and services, but I think that's why I enjoyed their article so much. Unfortunately, I cannot reprint the article, but check out their site and subscribe.

In December, another interview I conducted will be appearing in NV magazine, a four-year-old bi-monthly business magazine for urban professionals and entrepreneurs. Although I haven't seen the piece, the photo shoot was this past weekend, and I'm told it's an editorial on Latino entrepreneurs and their views on how other business people perceive us. I hope I raise a few eyebrows.

In addition, I had an interesting experience with a union - as faculty at a public university, the city automatically withholds a fee that goes towards a union. The problem is, they never told me about it. I found a year after they've been doing it and I was plenty pissed.

Finally, I want to address all this neuromarketing mumbo-jumbo - determining consumer sentiments towards your brand through neurology. Yes, folks, brain surgeons are now doing marketing.

If you haven't already noticed, there's a redesigned trade events page and home page. (I know, I know, just where do I find the time? I'll write about that, too someday.) Hope you like it.

Enjoy your REPORT!


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