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  Treating democratic politics like a non-profit - relying on goodwill and decades-old machinations and missions - is a dangerous and losing formula. Today's constituents are plugged in, activated, and passionate, and they have proven that politics is more than a process, it's a faith.

Go behind the poll numbers to truly understand the social trends that move voters make the choices they make. What differentiates platforms and policies among voters? How is voter activism initiated and how can it turn against you?

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Analysis of Consumer Sentiments Towards the War (March 03)

Based on a general interpretation of all the comments we analyzed, it appears that the pending war is of little to no interest to the consumers we reached. Read why. See Study (powerpoint).

Insights + Ideas from the Consumer Strategies Report

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- An Inconvenient Fact: All Civilizations End. Is America Next? A Consultant's Perspective

- Conspiracies and the Theorists Who Love Them

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- Socialist or Social Worker - Reviewing C. Virginia Fields

- Leaving Iraq

- The Token Spanish Guy - Reviewing Fernando Ferrer

- Political Impetus for Re-evaluating Value Creation Strategies

- Can You Imagine Bush Understanding Any of That?

- What Manager Proves His Worth In Only 4 Years? Why I'm Voting For Bush

- The Problems & Opportunities of Ignorance

al berrios & co. developed its exclusive Electoral Predictor Model™ to advise on which candidate in a democratic election stands the greatest probability of winning. To apply our model to predicting your election, contact us.

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