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al berrios & company, inc. Announces Relaunch of Consulting Services Into Four Unique, High-Level Practice Areas: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Consumer Strategies, Collabadaption™, and Talent Infrastructure

New York, NY, October 30, 2008 - This month, al berrios & co., inc. turns 8 and relaunches its core advisory service and fee structure in order to serve clients better. Effective immediately, new high-level practice areas include:

Corporate Entrepreneurship, advising senior executives on enterprise-wide innovation and growth development, strategies, processes and tools. Read about our work here: Redefining the Classifieds Advertising Model More Profitably for an Iconic West Coast Newspaper.

Consumer Strategies, working with marketing and sales executives to understand and implement new marketing concepts based on our breakthrough perspectives. Read about our work here: Understanding the New Consumerism Curve for a Top 10 Health Insurer.

Collabadaption™, revolutionary new consultative approach that works with senior strategy executives to evaluate, design, and implement systemitized collaborative and adaptive changes across their enterprises. Read about our work here: Helping a Leading Cable Network Keep Its Most Important Clients Happy While Doing Business With Their Competitors.

Talent Infrastructure, advising senior HR executives on organizational culture, workforce productivity improvement, efficient utilization and other high-performance strategies, utilizing our pioneering research. Read about our work here: Rebuilding a Record Label's Marketing Department With a Better Talent Management Model.

Powered by the firm's 17 innovative behavioral research centers, these new practice areas support, analyze and assess, advise, and help pioneering organizations implement action steps to maintain and expand their success in a service and information economy.

To inquire about how any of these practice areas can work with you and your team or to join al berrios & co., inc in a leadership capacity within one of these new practice areas, please contact our managing director, Al Berrios, at (917) 744 - 6579 or email him at al [at] alberrios [dot] com.

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