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Marketing is frustrating. Strategies are stale and media is confusing. So you hire an agency to audit your agency. Your agencies defy you claiming you don't get it. And before you've made up your mind to replace them, their competitors are already knocking on your door.

al berrios & co. understands that marketing is relationships, not pricey commercials pushed through the cheapest media mix in an effort to yell the loudest at people who aren't listening anyway. As such, the effectiveness of your marketing shouldn't be how many impressions you got, but the number of your relationships and how strong they are.

The challenge, as you're right to argue, is in quantifying the nature of these relationships to establish a pattern of profitable and cost effective transactions. al berrios & co. can apply its unique research methodology and models to advise on acquisition and retention strategies, relationship lifecycle management, and activation strategy audit to maximize your marketing investments in ways you wouldn't expect.

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