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al berrios & company, inc. Celebrates 6th Year in Business!

New York, NY, October 30, 2006 - An incredible year! al berrios & company, inc is proud to make the following announcements:

In 2006, our firm

1) doubled profits and strengthened our unique people-infrastructure model (we don't believe in headcount);

2) after much lambasting from visitors with strained-eye syndrome and actually getting lost on our own site, we (finally) chipped in and launched a custom-built search function to navigate over 800+ reports. And to celebrate this momentous occasion, our entire catalogue of reports, spanning 5 years of in-the-trenches observation and frank commentary, will be available to you for a limited time at no charge;

3) launched new service-economy industry practice areas in Banking + Payments, Insurance, and Travel + Tourism to join our established Media + Communications and Retail + Restaurants practices. "Folks, understand that, despite my being your point of contact, I don't actually do all the work myself," pleads Al Berrios, managing director. "The firm now has lots of associates trained in our methods to do the work. All I do is sell the work, manage it, and make sure everyone gets paid, including you, Mr. Client!";

4) launched new research service areas, which will work holistically with our established research areas to address our client's most complex strategy questions. "I'm a huge nerd and love my areas of research," submits Mr. Berrios. "When our vision of management strategy is finally complete, you'll see as I see that we'll be taking your organization to new heights of success at warp speed!";

5) also launched our own blog, to avoid being seen as "uncool":;

6) inaugurated the first full year of a new al berrios & co. Event series, the Consultant Entrepreneur's Forum, a thought-leadership forum for the management consulting profession;

7) continued to increase our consulting brand's awareness by getting the boss published on servers other than our own and getting the boss out there to do more public speaking;

8) became certified as a minority-owned business by the NY/NJ Minority Supplier Development Council, a process that cemented our long-standing claim of being NY's only Hispanic-owned pure strategy consulting firm. "In 6 years, I've avoided referring to this firm as anything other than just a very high-quality, strategy consulting firm," claims Mr. Berrios. "So the purpose of getting certified wasn't to help fill quotas, but to assure our clients that when they work with our firm, they're truly working with fresh thinkers.";

And, in our spare time,

9) our firm finally cracked the meaning of life! (Well, not really, but almost.)

"Dwelling for a moment on this list of accomplishments for '06, it's tough to remain cool and collected. How often does one have their business idea validated, their vision assured of success, and still be able to pay the bills?" comments Mr. Berrios.

Moving forward, al berrios & co. will leverage its unique business franchise and resources to continue investing in cutting-edge strategy research, expand its reach and influence through more public speaking, initiating new event concepts, and syndicating its reports, become a single-point resource for entrepreneur consultants, and increase its outreach to the general entrepreneur community. Long-term investments include investing more in technology and our people-infrastructure model.

"For 6 years, we've been toiling to be better consultants while having fun doing it. And for 6 years, we've been unflinchingly supported by our large pool of friends and family. To continue our long-standing custom here, I'd like to express my sincerest and deepest gratitude to the folks who've helped us blaze this trail. (Forgive the "codenames", but you all know who you are): Thank you Mom + Sis, DNA, Sabin8tor, Killah Cam + Twinkles, Steph Peller and Anj Dawoodi, Thea + Ricardo + Adam, Roland, Mr. Donahue, Mr. Weedfald, Mr. Kravis, FUEL, Mr. Garibaldi, Idalia, Cathleya, My Jess (Jai), Randolph H., the future Van Kradenburghs, The Klepners, The Garibs, The Franci, The Desirs, Francisco + Derrick and all of the CEF'ers, Jed, TMG, E. Hansen, the Men of MKP, Ira and BGN, Winkler + Roselin, Selbo!, Jan Hacha and AMAS, and last, but never least, M.C.C. Enad."

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