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Circulation vs. Readership

Unlike the journalism of just 10 years ago, the economics of news gathering has changed with the advent of the internet and abundant syndication opportunities. Read our report on what to do.

Insights + Ideas from the Consumer Strategies Report

- Our latest thinking on the media industry

- Review broadcasting, publishing, entertainment, new media, and cable/wireless/telecom companies

- Our research on the media industry
More: Our collection of research and reports on the publishing sector

- Our latest thinking on consumer media habits

- Our coverage of the latest trends in the media industry

Advisory Services

Our Media + Communications Industries Practice combines proprietary research from our behavioral research centers to advise senior executives on optimal organizational structures, audience fragmentation, marketing and media strategy auditing, pricing models, acquisition and retention strategies, shifts in what's decent, web 2.0 and convergence, pirating and privacy, and shareholder activism.

There's a lot going on in your industry for you to get caught off guard. Anticipate what else might be lurking around the corner, engage us.

Examples of Our Work

- Redefining the Classifieds Advertising Model More Profitably for an Iconic West Coast Newspaper

- Making Sense of the Online Video Consumer for a Niche Cable Network

- Rebuilding a Record Label's Marketing Department With a Better Talent Management Model

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- / Comedy Central

- Arista Records / Worth Magazine

- Reporters: Deroy Murdock, Ed Wong
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