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After 100 Years, a Behavioral Economic Chink in Insurance's Armor

To understand the phenomenon of why anyone would go without insurance, we analyzed the top 75 markets covered by FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). See what we found.
Advisory Services

Our Insurance Industries Practice combines proprietary research from our behavioral research centers to advise senior executives on consumer-driven channels, selling to businesses, high-performing distribution networks, social responsibility, your next public relations crisis, insurance fraud, insuring vacationers, renters, and families, behavioral risk models, managing MLRs better, and what investors are really thinking.

Everyone perceives risk differently. Engage an advisor to give you the framework to understand them all.

Examples of Our Work

- Understanding the New "Consumerism Curve" for a Top 10 Health Insurer

Special Collection Reports

- Our latest thinking on policy

- Our latest thinking on management + leadership

- Review insurance business models

- Our coverage of the latest trends in the financial world

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