al berrios & co.'s Consumer Strategies Report publishes these Opinions on behalf of our managing director, Al Berrios.

Because Al Berrios encourages all research initiatives to push the boundaries when examining every aspect of human behavior, these Opinions may serve as extensions of our research.

Despite their author, these opinions do not reflect the opinions of the firm.

: These Opinions elaborate on areas deemed too sensitive to discuss in an objective business manner, (as proven by our failed attempt to publish these in blog format). Consequently, be aware that some Opinions may be extremely offensive.

March 2008

A Superior Ideology Isn’t Debated

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April 2007

"Ban Police Brutality! Ban Racial Profiling! Forget the [N] Word!"

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February 2007

Of Naughty Politicians and Brain-dead Bosses

Perverts Among Us

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October 2006

Niggas And Nature

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June 2006

So You Like Little Kids?

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October 2005

Diversity: The Biggest Excuse for Mediocrity

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May 2005

What Strategy Is. : In Defense of the Profession of Management Consulting

What Defines a Management Consulting Firm?

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February 2005

The Inexcusable Dearth of Sales MBAs

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January 2005

Innovation is Dying in Fashion

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September 2004

09.14.04: WPP's Purchase of Grey Will Kill What Made it Special - Simplicity

09.14.04: What Manager Proves His Worth In Only 4 Years? Why I'm Voting For Bush

09.14.04: Since When Did Blatant Bribing Become Marketing?

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March 2004

03.30.04: Why Men Cheat, Philander, and Generally Screw Up: Al's Guide to Successful Relationships

03.16.04: "TVs Same Ol' Story - The 2004 ANA Television Advertising Forum"

03.01.04: "Passion of the Christ"

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February 2004

02.03.04: "Janet's Boob"

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January 2004

01.20.04: "Teen Obesity is Exaggerated; 67% of Teens 13-17 Choose To Work Out"

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September 2003

09.23.03: "Grasso: The Day After"

09.02.03: "Is There Really A Need For Ethnically Focused Agencies?"

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August 2003

08.19.03: "Politics: No Longer For Guys Too Ugly To Be Actors"

08.19.03: "The Entertainment Analysis Futures Market"

08.05.03: "Bush Defining Marriage Is Inappropriate"

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July 2003

07.22.03: "The Fall of Advertising Is Happening Whether You Accept It Or Not"

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June 2003

06.24.03: "The Problem With Making Policy From Relationships"

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May 2003

05.20.03: "Experience is Wasted on the Old"

05.06.03: "Creative is a Commodity: Nepotism and the Perfect Market"

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April 2003

04.15.03: "A Supersonic Flight for $300?"

04.08.03: "Are We Butchers or Saviors? And The HealthSouth Revolution"

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March 2003

03.04.03: "A Case for Skipping Grad School"

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Feb 2003

02.25.03: "Pfizer Shames Ad Agencies"

02.04.03: "Agency Review Managers"

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